All-Americana Night? Come on, join in.

Wednesday evening at 6 p.m., we will have "All-Americana Night." My friend, Keith Elder, and bandmate Don Wendorf, will join me to lead us in singing distinctively American songs from all kinds of "roots" traditions.

Wikipedia defines "Americana" as "contemporary music that incorporates elements of various American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues." We want to have fun singing some songs from the traditions themselves, as well as some originals. Songs for kids to join along, a few hymns and patriotic songs, a little of everything for those who come. Hope you'll come out.

Keith was here a few weeks back and did a great job on a Wednesday night. Keith has spoken and performed for over thirty years in a wide variety of church, conference, and community settings. After serving local churches in North Alabama as a youth director and then as a pastor, he spent a number of years as a songwriter in Nashville before coming back to Alabama to serve in a church again and to continue his music and writing.

Keith has recorded seven full album projects. The latest, "Mine that Mountain," was released in August, 2014.