Children's Books: Resources

I have so enjoyed sitting with our children and telling stories. As I have studied for this series of messages on sharing the faith through children's books, I have come upon some tremendously valuable resources available on the web. I came across two tremendous sites that offer summaries of the books and guiding questions for parents and others, lists of the most popular books, and much more. I have compiled these and posted them on my blogsite here.

You can click on them there and go right to all of them.

Feel free to share them with anyone who might find them useful. The concluding paragraph says: "Consider this a starting line. There's a lot out there, but most of all, get a good list and start reading. To me, the most extraordinary part of reading to children is the dedicated relationship time. You have to genuinely "be there" for it to work. The cost is low—one vapid cable show per evening, and a little rest from self-absorption—and the rewards are incalculable. Good reading!"