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Pastor's Column


may 23, 2017

terre johnson

By now you have certainly heard the news that Dr. Terre Johnson has resigned as our Minister of Music and Worship. Houston Baptist University offered him the chairmanship of their Music School and he accepted. He will stay on through the end of June and so we will have a reception and occasion to offer our appreciation and thanks to him in the days ahead.

The Personnel Committee and Chair of the Nominating Committee met briefly after the service Sunday to discuss the process ahead. The Personnel Committee will undertake to find an interim Minister to present to the church until such time as the search for a replacement is concluded. They will share that process with the congregation in the near future. The Nominating Committee will select a Search Committee according to the bylaws of the church and, with input from the staff, congregation and music areas, seek the person they believe is being called to come and continue this wonderful ministry.

Dr. Johnson has given us 12 ½ years as our Worship leader.  He has fostered excellence in everything he has done and has involved our church in the music community in a significant way. He has been an excellent colleague and friend, and I cherish him. I have been amazed more than once at Terre's abilities and talents. He loves this church and her people. And this has been not only his job, but a place of caring and investment in our people. He has offered a wider witness to our community and beyond, and brought outstanding people from the music world to bless us. We will continue to count him as friend in the years ahead and look forward to continued relationship.

I said a few Sundays ago that there are three “rooms” in the church—the sanctuary, the classroom, and the fellowship hall—that represent the core connections of our life together. The first is a place of worship and prayer and devotion to God. The second is a place of learning about the Jesus way and how to live it more faithfully. The third is a place of relationship and fellowship as we embody the table fellowship of Jesus together. In the staffing search ahead, we will have an opportunity to reflect together on the crucial place of worship among the people of God and why we seek the highest excellence in our presentation of ourselves Sunday by Sunday, before the Lord.


Meanwhile, we head to the summer with a full slate of ministry, missions and activity. I want to ask at this time more than ever that you offer continued support with time, financial support and prayer in this season that is busy and full of good things.

·       Take time to browse your church publications and our website, taking note of a full slate of meaningful times of fellowship and involvement in the month of June and the rest of the summer.

·       Remember to continue your regular financial support! Summer is a time when there is a lot of coming and going, and it is easy to forget to give, but our cash flow needs are greater during the summer than any other time. Thank you for your faithful support!