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Every Wednesday morning during the school year, Dr. Furr teaches adults on a wide variety of topics with discussion – often a book of the Bible or some aspect of the Christian life or doctrine. All you need is a Bible and an inquisitive mind! Occasionally, a particular book is ordered for everyone who wants to purchase a copy. This group meets on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the Adult Seminar Room across from the Library. Find current topics under Latest News. Please join in.


Pastor's Column


february 14, 2017

who are we becoming?

Over the time from now until the first Sunday in May, I will be preaching a series called “Who Are We Becoming?” In looking back at where we have been as a church, our history, warts and all, we have clues to our future together as God’s church. The quest for perfection can leave us either continuously frustrated or tempted to view our past and present falsely. We can choose to glorify our beginnings uncritically and miss the good lessons learned the hard way. We can also dwell on it negatively and fail to appreciate our blessings and the graces of God. We might overlook, too, the little things that really matter.

Frances Townsend, a pastor, wrote these words about “becoming.” He wrote them as a reflection for pastors in their leadership, but it applies, I think, to all people. If we want to grow and mature, these three “ways” matter.

"I discovered at least three things that are essential to strong [pastoral] leadership. First, pastors must know themselves deeply. We must be strong in our faith and know our inner workings—our style, our weaknesses, and our strengths. Second, we need a strong sense of self-assuredness, one that perceives a sense of calling in what we're doing and a fearlessness about responding to that call. Finally, for all our confidence, we need to cultivate humility and openness, ready to pay attention in all circumstances and to learn and grow from our experiences."

(“On the Road to Pastoral Excellence: A Process of Becoming,”
Frances Townsend)

He is exactly right, and this is useful for us in life in general. The Christian life is a life of learning and growth. Learning requires that we be willing to see all that is present in our lives and respond to it. If we stubbornly hold to preconceived notions, outdated ideas and emotional immaturity, we cannot grow.

Now, here is the challenge. We are always becoming something else. It can be intentional or unintentional. We can seek it courageously or shrink back from it fearfully. We can avoid and deny it or we can embrace that future. As we think about the challenges of this moment and those to come, it is important to cultivate the qualities in one another that will enable us as people and the people of God to carry the work of the Kingdom of God into the world that is before us. I hope you will join me in this journey!