Pastor's Bible Study

Every Wednesday morning during the school year, Dr. Furr teaches adults on a wide variety of topics with discussion – often a book of the Bible or some aspect of the Christian life or doctrine. All you need is a Bible and an inquisitive mind! Occasionally, a particular book is ordered for everyone who wants to purchase a copy. This group meets on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the Adult Seminar Room across from the Library. Find current topics under Latest News. Please join in.


Pastor's Column


april 11, 2017

"And on the third day..."

Holy Week is the church’s annual reminder of its birth—by the gift of a single Founder, who walked with throngs of admirers as it began, but died abandoned and alone at the end. He would suffer growing rejection and, as the Baptist theologian and preacher Walter Rauschenbusch would put it, suffered every failing of human sin that exists. He was betrayed by a friend, denied by another, and abandoned by the rest, save one, if the Fourth Gospel is correct, and his mother and a few friends. He suffered the political expedience of Caiaphas, who would rather that one innocent die than that conflict be resolved. He was allowed to die by Pilate, who had the power to free him, but not the courage. He was arrested and crucified by soldiers doing their duty to the greatest empire the world had ever known, and in three centuries, that same Empire would be overtaken by Christian faith. He died in shame and disgraced, rejected by the same crowds who adored Him, but He forgave all who did it to him in God’s name. He continued to minister grace, even to those dying beside Him, to the very end.

He remained true to God’s way to the end. He was faithful to His followers who fell asleep as He anguished in prayer and ran when the soldiers came. This is our Founder. He is our beginning. His words are our words, His way our way, His life our life. “And on the third day….”

Those are the five most important words in Christianity. That’s why we re-live them every year, every week, every day. They are our constant foundation. I have disappointed myself more times than I can count, and through the years I have witnessed every kind of failure human beings can commit and every courageous act they fail to do, but never from Him. That’s why we keep getting back up, trying again, not giving up, committing our lives anew. Because, “and on the third day….”

In this week, when our state has observed the pain of the human condition at the highest level of our state government, we need the “third day” more than ever. There is no fix for human failure short of the rebirth of human nature and of the human heart. The third day is its beginning.

60th Anniversary Celebration Begins Next Week!

After Easter, we will commence with a three-week celebration of activities to mark our 60th Anniversary as a church. Please carefully read the calendar of events and mark your calendar. The committee has worked hard to get us ready for a time of learning, stories, and celebration around the theme “What Do These Stones Mean?” I will begin a series of messages after Easter on this theme, taken from the Book of Joshua.

Both the Wednesday nights and the Sundays leading to the Anniversary Sunday (May 7) will be special events. We will have fun, remember, get to know one another as the church both then and now, and hope together for the church we might become.

Please make every effort to participate in this most important season of faith and joy!