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Pastor's Column


search committee presentation sunday morning

april 10, 2018


Next Sunday morning, April 15, your search committee for a new Minister of Music and Worship will make an announcement to the church along with a call to meet their candidate on the following Sunday, April 22. Detailed information will be presented on Wednesday, April 18. On Friday, our candidate will be in town to meet with the staff and lead choir rehearsal that evening for Sunday morning and have a chance to meet the choir. Then, on Saturday afternoon, there will be a fellowship and reception time for the entire church to meet our candidate and family, starting at 2:00 p.m. You will want to attend this event if at all possible.

But let me say this another way: you have a responsibility as a worshiper in this process. I say that because a new staff member comes not merely to be more “hired help,” but to assist us to do the work of worship. The worship of God is the most important act we do as a church. It is our beautiful privilege to come together before God.  Several years ago, in a chapter I wrote for a book honoring my friend, Dr. Fisher Humphreys, I said:

Suffice it to say that worship, like missional identity, is one of the core realities of the people of God.  It is that intentional practice in which we gather together in the corporate awareness that God is in our midst.  We give attention to God and listen for God. We remember our faith and recite it together. We sing our joy and pain. We reflect together on the world and our mission in it. All these and more are part of the glorious mystery that is worship. (Theology in the Service of the Church, 128-129)

I have walked along with your committee, and I can testify that they have worked very hard, agonizing over their responsibility to seek God’s direction to find the right person for our church for this moment in time. I would call on the church to seriously, sincerely pray in this moment. Plan to be here for that time. And pray for our church as we seek not only the right leader for this important part of our life together, but also the opportunity to renew our faith in God together, in one another, and in the mission of our church.

It is a blessing to serve this congregation. I look forward to sharing this exciting and hopeful moment together!