The Purpose of Our Fund

The Permanent Endowment Fund provides members, families, and friends of Vestavia Hills Baptist Church opportunities to make lifetime and testamentary gifts to a permanent fund that will benefit and undergird the ministries of VHBC for many generations.

Supported by many different types of gifts, the Permanent Endowment Fund will build principal for future needs while a portion of the Fund will be used for important projects not included in the general ministries budget. Since a maximum of 3% of the Fund value will be distributed each year, your gifts “planted” today will reap benefits for the ministries of VHBC now and for future generations.


What Does Our Fund Support?

Distributions from the Permanent Endowment Fund will be made for:

  • Missions

  • Ministries

  • Capital Needs

The seed you plant now will grow to create a meaningful legacy that will provide for vital ministries now and in the future beyond what is funded through our congregation’s regular giving.

Who Manages the Investments?
The Permanent Endowment Fund Committee of Vestavia Hills Baptist Church administers the Fund and makes distributions. The assets are managed by the Investment Committee.

Why Should I Invest?
The main advantage of contributing is the joy one receives by helping the various ministries of VHBC to remain vibrant and sustainable. A planted seed does not only grow in the future. As the seed sprouts, it immediately begins to contribute to its surroundings. We have inherited a rich tradition at VHBC and, through gifts to this Fund, we can pass on this tradition to future generations. Those who have been a part of VHBC’s past can now be a part of its future - at the same time!

Types of Gifts:

  • Current Contribution. Your gifts today of cash or other assets may be given in memory or in honor of someone, as you wish.

  • Gifts of Stock. Appreciated stock may be considered as a gift with potentially no capital gain consequences.

  • Estate Devise or Bequest. You can leave a specific gift or percentage of your estate in your Last Will and Testament.

  • Beneficiary of Life Insurance Proceeds, IRA, and 401(k). Individuals might want to consider designating the Permanent Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of all or part of a life insurance policy, IRA, or 401(k).

    NOTE: Gifts to the Permanent Endowment Fund may provide the donor substantial tax savings and estate benefits. Please consult your tax advisor for advice.


From our Pastor

We have a rich history and tremendous potential for a wonderful future. We have great treasures in our facilities, history, and membership. To reach our potential, we need a sound, dependable, emergency-free financial base. This is why the Permanent Endowment Fund is so important - we help to ensure adequate upkeep of our facilities without having to seek additional funds when expensive or unexpected repairs must be undertaken.

Also, we can respond to needs that arise in our community with ready funds that might not be available in our general budget. In addition, this fund will allow us to engage in new and creative forms of ministry without taking money from ongoing programs.

I urge you to become familiar with the benefits of this Fund, both to the Church and to the donor. You can contribute in ways that will keep on giving for decades to come.

Gary Furr
Senior Pastor

From our Committee

Financial stewardship is an important part of every Christian’s life. Just as we recognize God’s gifts to us, we are called to respond in joyful Christian giving. Many generously support and give to VHBC’s general budget and other various ministries, but have you considered the needs and advantages of gifts to the Permanent Endowment Fund? Have you considered how “planting” an investment now could assist in ministry for many decades to come?

All of us want VHBC to grow and to prosper for many years to come. Through giving today and remembering the Permanent Endowment Fund in your estate plans, you become part of the Church’s future by providing it a significant, steady income for many generations. Giving now and planning to give at death is like planting a seed that will immediately begin to grow and to help others for the life of VHBC.

Please consider gifts to our Permanent Endowment Fund. Click the button below for additional information.

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Permanent Endowment Fund Committee

Kay Wilburn, Chair
Hal David
Norfleete Day
Jan Deagon
Keith Hamilton
Stacey Sapp
Gary Furr, Senior Pastor
Mike McBrayer, Administrative Pastor