60th Anniversary Celebration is underway!

Happy Anniversary, Vestavia Hills Baptist Church! From a new pictorial directory and a history book in production this year, to celebrations with food, costumes, and meaningful remembrances, the sixtieth year is one we won't soon forget.

Special Invitation to Children of Charter Members:

If your parent is or was a Charter Member of this congregation, you are especially invited to be present and recognized on May 7, Anniversary Sunday. Please contact martha@vhbc.com for more information or if not sure whether your parent was a Charter Member in May of 1957.

History Moments will be published in the Sunday worship guide over the next several weeks and placed on our History web page. You might find some surprising facts you never knew or had just forgotten. Stay tuned as our Anniversary Committee publicizes more details and invites you to participate in the celebration between now and anniversary Sunday, May 7.

Betsy Lowery