Podcast Faith


October 11 – Dale Tadlock
Stuff Mom Never Told You: “The Problem with a Pinterest-Perfect Life”
We will hold the truth of 1 Corinthians in one hand while listening to portions of the podcast "Stuff Mom Never Told You". What can we make of our less-than-Pinterest-perfect lives and relationships?

October 18 – Dale Tadlock
ARC Stories
“The South has always marked time by its stories. They carry our history. Our everyday lives. Arc Stories is the celebration of that great tradition. It is the chance for our stories to move off the front porch, or from around the campfire, or out of the coffee house, and be put on stage in front of friends and strangers alike.” Encouraged by this Birmingham-based storytelling organization, we’ll discuss the importance of stories in our faith development.

October 25 – Jess Nix
Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell
Is history’s initial take on a particular event the “correct” one? Or, is there something deeper? A better way to understand it? We’ll discuss Paul’s Damascus Road experience and try to gain a better understanding of who Paul was, while accepting the challenge of taking the Bible seriously as a historical book documenting the lives of real people. 

November 1 – Jess Nix
The Great Books Podcast
We’ll look at ambition in the fictional Macbeth and the real-life Abraham Lincoln’s love of Macbeth as a cautionary tale for the leaders of the U.S. in his generation. We'll bring this to bear on the biblical account of the apostles and look at the way their ambitions shaped the early church. How did the example of Jesus, and his teaching, shape how his followers handled their ambition?


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