Register for the Winter Daytreat

Sunday, January 28

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Daytreat Schedule

  8:30      Breakfast
10:00      Worship
 11:05      Lunch
 11:50      Optional Outings*
   5:00     Dinner
   5:45     Small Groups
   6:20     Variety Show

*museum tour, bowling, hiking, painting, or create your own


A new event comes to our church life this January. The Winter Daytreat will be an intown experience centered on three fellowship meals served at the church where all ages will enjoy sharing around breakfast, lunch and dinner tables.

The schedule will also include worship, optional afternoon outings, and a variety show to conclude our time together. Plan now to be present on the day that we all will be talking about for months to come. Cost: Adults $20; Youth and College students $10; no charge for Children 6th grade and younger. Please make payment to the church office by Sunday, January 21.

Sign up for the Daytreat now! Complete the form below or drop by the church office.


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Betsy Lowery