A word from the Pastor


Our Season of Pledging got off to a great start on Sunday with a wonderful testimony from Ashley Hattaway about the Student Ministry of our church. This year we have tried to understand our budget differently to make it more than “numbers, costs and needs.” The Student Ministry includes a highly-trained and dedicated young minister and his family who focuses every day on our students in middle school through college age. We offer welcoming space in our facility where they can learn about God, ask their questions and grow in their faith.

The most interesting number shared was this: 15% of the budget you support in our church is dedicated to ministry to students!  From Andy’s leadership and ministry to evenings together, retreats, mission trips, and donut holes on Sunday morning, 15 cents of every dollar you give undergirds a ministry that has churned out some outstanding young adults through the years.

Here is a wonderful, one-minute video about our student ministry. Take a short time to watch it so you can join me in being grateful for it, pray for them, and join us in supporting this important work!

This year, our budget requests are asking of us about $54,925 in increases. That is a modest increase of about 3%. Taken another way, 287 givers/families support our budget. That’s an average increase of about $191.00 per family for a year more. Or, about $3.68 a week per family.  I don’t know about you, but I say that’s a pretty powerful return on investment! Take a few moments to see what your pledge was for this year. What part of the needed increase can you help us to reach? Don’t do what you aren’t able—but do what you can. Thanks!

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