Making Memories: a word from the Pastor

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A Word from the Pastor
Peter Drucker once said, “The business of a church is to change people; the business of a corporation is to satisfy them.” It is tempting to divert from the first to the second. What kind of “house” are we supposed to be?

Have you ever gone back to see a house where you used to live? It’s a strange feeling to drive by and pull over to the curb and look. The first thing you realize is that your house isn’t as big as you remember. The second thing is to look at it now, owned by someone else, if it is. 

Many years ago we moved back to Texas for grad school and I drove Vickie by to see the house where I had lived during middle school. That house somehow wasn’t the same—it was smaller. It didn’t look the same. 

In one sense, it was just a place to stay. But I remember it from the inside out. That’s what causes those memories to still have power. They are memories of life, of relationship, most happy and good, a few painful, and many that were simply routine—school and friends and family.  But those memories, for good or ill, made me who I am.  It is only the memories of life that gives power to that little, undistinguished suburban tract house in Irving, Texas.

When we think of church as “home,” we may think that this is not so. The purpose of home is safety, security, comfort, peace. But it’s also a place where we are making memories together.

This is an important time when we as the families of the church are asking, “What can we give?” As each of us, individually and collectively, pray about our stewardship of financial resources and the ministry of our church, please know that your participation is important. But also please know that “keeping up the house” is not forever! We are touching the lives of these precious children while we may. We are shaping young adults to find their calling and develop their moral and spiritual lives and their gifts. We are preparing each other for the journey to eternity. It won’t last forever. What we do for God is always now.

The new church budget will begin in January. We have an opportunity to commit ourselves to make memories together next year! Your financial stewardship helps make this such a place. Will you help?

Pledge cards are available in the pew racks in the sanctuary. Also, every family has received a pledge card in the mail. Our children and youth will also receive commitment cards designed especially for them.

From now through Sunday, October 21, you may turn in your pledge in any of the following ways:

  • Pledge by emailing or using the form on our home page.

  • Obtain a pledge card in worship and mail it to the church office before October 19.

  • Place your pledge card in the offering plate during the worship service.

  • Drop off your pledge card at the church office.

  • Place your pledge card in the little model church at the front entrance.

Pray now about your stewardship commitment for this next year.

Betsy Lowery