Samford Religion Chair leads off Wednesday Sessions for Fall


Join us for Wednesday Sessions at 6:00 p.m.

August 29 and September 5
Dr. Roy Ciampa, Chair of Religion, Samford
“The Story of God’s Glory” - an overview of the biblical narrative. Please read about Dr. Ciampa here.

September 12
VHBC Testimonies

September 19 & 26, October 3
1. Faith for All Types
We will learn how different personality traits gift us to uniquely practice the spiritual life and to offer ourselves in service of the Body of Christ.

2. Bible Study with Pastor Gary Furr
Knowing God’s Direction: Discernment for Christians and the Church. “God’s will” is one of the most troubling phrases Christians use. How do we know what God wants us to do? Some things are general and obvious, but others are more challenging. When facing choices in life that are not obvious, how do we know which direction to take? How does God guide people? How can we listen for God’s leadership for our lives, our families, and for the church? Can God help us in complicated issues to find fresh answers? Through the study of the Bible, the Christian tradition and personal experience, we’ll explore tried-and-true insights to help us and the church in complicated times. This session will meet in the Seminar Room

Betsy Lowery