Home Improvements for Students in India

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As our own students and parents prepare for the school year to start again, there’s a small group of students 8,347 miles away who are enjoying their own version of new school supplies. Thanks to a partnership between our church and Awon Shanglai, a group of high schoolers and college students in Shillong, India are benefitting from a fresh, new installation of basic furniture for the Leimaroi Home students. Through our church’s generous missions giving, Awon hired young local carpenters and even the students themselves to build and paint study tables, book shelves, and storage racks. Rather than purchasing ready-made furnishings, Awon and her young students designed their own furniture to fit their unique needs and space.

Awon writes, “Having the basic furniture makes their rooms tidier and improves their study.” Working as a family, Awon and her student residents are living out resourcefulness and good stewardship. Let’s continue to pray for Awon as she provides Christian discipleship in a caring, supportive home environment for these students as they study and grow in the days ahead.

In addition to furniture projects, Awon engaged her 16 students in a letter writing exchange with VHBC adult and children’s Sunday School classes as well as RA and GA groups. Each VHBC group participated by sending along a letter to their assigned individual in the fall and again in the spring. The intent of the letter exchange centered around building a personal connection between our members and the students living in the Leimaroi Home. Awon reports that her students have grown through this project by improving their abilities to write and to express their thoughts. Just like letters among New Testament writers, our Shillong Letter Exchange promotes friendship and encouragement among believers who are united by Christ.

Betsy Lowery