Major events are those in addition to our weekly programming. Youth Camp, High School Mission Trip, and Retreats are described below. One-day fellowship events like Lake Day, Super Bowl Party, and Girls/Guys Night Out are sprinkled through the calendar, as well.

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A week-long journey meant to unify the youth group and challenge individuals to take the next step with God. Either through college-campus models like Passport or through planning and leading our own, we practice our belief that all is formational - worship, Bible study, road trips, games, everything.


high school mission trip

A learning-by-serving opportunity for older youth to observe God's ongoing work and connect with mission partners in context. We rotate local, out-of-state, and international experiences. 

The youth International Mission Experience (IME) is open to 10th-12th graders every three years. It is an intensive, cross-cultural immersion designed to expand worldview, get a sense of God's global reach, and create some healthy tension with how we're living back home.  

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Quarterly weekend retreats give us much needed interruption from hurried lives and emphasize listening to God.