What is the Bible? How did it end up in its present form? Who wrote it? And what does it talk about? Students increase general knowledge about the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, engage in Biblical interpretation, and look for thematic threads as we journey together.

Sundays, 8:45 AM | 10th-12th Grade: Rm. 130B | 7th-9th Grade: Rm. 130D



YOSE [yo-zee] stands for "Youth On Sunday Evening." We begin in small groups, have a large group time in the middle, and end with dinner. The large group rotation includes "Game Nights," meant for practicing playfulness; "Worship Nights" planned and led by our Animate worship team; and "Mission Nights," which are usually spent off-campus with local partners. On Mission Nights, we forego small groups and spend almost the whole time off-campus before returning to VHBC for dinner. 

Sundays, 5-7 PM | Student Building | Brass & Vocal Ensembles rehearse @ 4


wednesday night retreat

Our mid-week program is designed to help youth take a deep breath and rest in God. We "retreat" from our hectic schedules, the day-in and day-out pressures of the school year, and the striving that marks and consumes our lives.

Wednesday Night Retreat is where we experiment with various prayers and prayer styles, practice silence, recharge for the rest of the week, and call the hurried lifestyle into question. 

Wednesdays, 6-7 PM | Student Building | Fellowship Supper served, 4:30-6



The Student Building is typically open from 4:00-8:00 PM on the first, third, and fifth Mondays of each month. Youth do homework, play in the gym, hang out in the lounge, and bring cash for ordering food. During the summer months, the time frame is pushed back to 5:00-9:00 PM. 

The unstructured time and space of 428/529 allow for the development of safety, sharing, chemistry, and friendship. Students regularly bring their friends to 428/529, and everyone's welcome.  

1st, 3rd, & 5th Mondays | Student Building

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